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The Development Of BMW TPU Film Has Been A Complete Success

Jinshi(KS) Group has entered the TPU film industry since 2006. After years of precipitation, it has developed a series of TPU films with stable quality, which are widely used in clothing, shoe materials, outdoor and other products, and have won unanimous praise from customers.   At the end of 2022, a BMW model project team relied on us to develop TPU films for safety airbags. As we all know, automotive materials have high requirements on product quality and stability, and reliability tests for anti-explosion (100,000 times air pressure charging and discharging) are required. This TPU film has particularly high requirements on flame retardancy, tensile strength, hydrolysis resistance and material service life.     After receiving this case, the R&D department of Kings Group established a task force. After multiple demonstrations and experiments, TPU film samples were officially provided to customers in February 2023. After more than three months of testing and reliability testing, they passed the review and officially placed the first batch of orders in June 2023, receiving high praise from customers!   Through this case, we have transformed the theory of TPU film for automotive safety gas with particularly high reliability requirements into practice, and have once again verified its product performance; At the same time, we have reviewed and confirmed our IATF16949 system again, providing a good platform for improving our management system.   Welcome to consult us!

Development Of TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film For Curtains

TPU hot melt adhesive film has good adhesion, convenient use, environmental protection and reliability, and is fully utilized as a new material in various industries. In early 2022, the development department of the world-renowned curtain brand Springs Window Fashions in the United States approached Jinshi Group to develop a TPU hot melt adhesive film for curtains. As a product that is exposed to sunlight for a long time in buildings, curtains are particularly prone to aging. Customers have put forward strict requirements for the product's aging performance and yellowing resistance. There are many domestic manufacturers of TPU hot melt adhesive films, but there are not many manufacturers that focus on the production of high-end TPU hot melt adhesive films and can independently develop and stably mass produce high-quality products. After the customer visited the factory, they gave high praise to Jinshi Group. After gaining the customer's trust, the R&D teams of both parties began formal negotiations to draft product performance parameters - production sample testing - adjustment of performance parameters - and further development sample testing; After several rounds of tests, TPU hot-melt adhesive film with anti-aging and yellowing resistance was finally developed successfully, and all performance indicators exceeded customer expectations and were praised. This product will officially enter mass production in 2023. Perhaps one day, the high-end environmentally friendly curtains you use in your home will have our share! Jinshi Group will always provide customers with high-end and high-quality materials, solve social needs, and make our due contribution!

Batch Production Of Non-marking High-elastic Hot Melt Adhesive Film

The non-marking underwear uses a high-tech non-marking fabric with high elasticity, and is produced by novel special equipment for one-time molding. It will be particularly comfortable to wear, and it is fashionable and beautiful, and it has become a fashion!   In 2022, Jinshi(KS) Group accepted the entrustment of underwear brand Jianjiang and MiiOW to develop a high elastic and non marking Hot-melt adhesive film for non marking underwear. The required tensile rate of this material should not be lower than 1:4.5, and the rebound rate should be lower than 1:1.1, which is far higher than the average level of the domestic industry. After demonstration and analysis by the R&D team, we used TPU material. In addition to excellent elasticity, the TPU high elastic and non marking Hot-melt adhesive film also has the characteristics of high transparency, high temperature resistance and water washing resistance, which is very consistent with the customer's product characteristics.     After many tests, our high-elastic non-marking hot-melt adhesive film was sent to the customer for inspection after the internal test of the sample was completed in March this year, and it passed the test in June and entered the production stage. Adding yet another high-end non-marking product to our range.     Based on the concept of customer first and product origin, Jinshi Group constantly develops new products, thinks what customers think, urgently needs customers, constantly updates, develops new products, and does a good job in customer service!   Welcome to the selection of underwear brands!