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Company News About What is Hot-melt adhesive film?
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What is Hot-melt adhesive film?

Latest company news about What is Hot-melt adhesive film?



Hot melt adhesives are also known as thermal adhesives or thermoplastic adhesives. It can be manufactured and produced in different forms such as granules, powder, rods, webs, films, rolled webs.


The roll shaped thermoplastic Hot-melt adhesive film can be combined with various materials, such as textiles, leather, aluminum, clothing, footwear, leather, cosmetics and other applications.


Hot Melt Adhesive Film Belongs to an environmentally friendly adhesive.

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Material And Characteristics Of Hot Melt Adhesive Film


Hot Melt Adhesive Film is made of different materials, such as TPU, PES, PA, EVA, PO, etc.


TPU Material: It has a wide range of applications, high elasticity, environmental protection, high toughness, water washing resistance, softness and good hand feel, strong adhesion, and can fit various materials. It belongs to the polyurethane category.

PES Material: non elastic, excellent water washing resistance, white semi transparent color, easy to cut due to its lack of ductility.

PA Material: also known as nylon material. It is relatively washable and produces a harder adhesive film. It is suitable for embroidery badges and Bulletproof vest.

EVA Material: feels similar to TPU. It has a fragrance and will burn in a slightly white color without emitting black smoke. Will repel other materials and only melt into products made of EVA material. Generally, Hot-melt adhesive film products without substrate are made on the market.

PO Material: Similar to PA material. Suitable for embroidery badges, aluminum plates, circuit boards, etc. It is a hot selling payment for export trade.


Various Functions Of The Film


In terms of adhesion, the hot melt adhesive film has its unique adhesive advantages. Due to the closed surface structure, the various parts of the material have good bonding strength. In addition, the film can also have functions such as waterproof, washable, mandatory, and barrier.

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Thickness, number of layers and carrier of Hot-melt adhesive film


Conventional thickness: 0.03-0.20mm

Selecting the proper thickness depends largely on the specific laminated textiles, bond strength, lamination process and heating conditions.


The number of layers is generally two. They are the solid adhesive film layer and the substrate layer.



The substrate is divided into PE film, release paper, and pearlescent paper.


PE Film: Good ductility, not resistant to high temperatures.


Release Paper: Resistant to high temperatures up to 200 ° C


Pearlescent Paper: Good flatness and certain ductility.


The Hot-melt adhesive film product with the substrate layer can be used for die cutting applications.




KS offers a variety of hot melt adhesives films. If you still don't know how to choose the appropriate membrane, you can contact our expert team to learn more questions.